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The campaign for Federal, State and Local offices in 2012.

GOP Primary in 133rd Assembly District

Democratic and Republican residents will determine who'll represent their Party during this year's November Election.

Former Avon Mayor Richard Burke challenges Conservative radio broadcaster Bill Nojay for the Republican nomination in the 133rd Assembly District. The district encompasses Pittsford, Mendon, Rush, Wheatland, all of Livingston County and the northern part of Steuben County.

Burke, a business owner, says one of his top priorities is pension reform.

"Some of the changes I would make is earn the rules. I would make overtime pay and any other extraneous pay, outside of regular compensation, ineligible in the calculation for benefits," Burke says. "I wouldn't actually pay the retiree their pension until they reach [full] retirement age."

Burke says he's also wants to lessen the tax burden on homeowners and help small companies cut through the red tape operating a business in New York. Meanwhile, contender Bill Nojay, who's an attorney, says he's concerned about state mandates on local governments such as Medicaid.

"When you're 1/3 more expensive than California," Nojay points out. "You're doing something wrong. We simply cannot afford these programs anymore.  And if you don't get realistic on how the numbers are running, we're going to drive off the financial cliff."

Both Burke and Nojay say they'll work to help farmers with the issues they face.

The winner of GOP primary in the 133rd Assembly District will face Steuben, County Democrat, Randolph Weaver. Another GOP primary is in the 62nd Senate District. That's where attorney Johnny Destino competes with incumbent Senator George Maziarz.  The Republican nominee in that race will challenge Democratic nominee Amy Hope Witryol.

Primary Day is Thursday, September 13. Monroe County polls open at noon and close at 9 p.m.

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