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Senator Schumer Says "Keep Rail Project from Being Derailed"

Sen. Charles Schumer
Sen. Charles Schumer

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says the company CSX is to blame for stalling plans to build a new high speed rail project in Genesee County.

The town of Bergen has one of the busiest freight train railways in the country with more than 60 trains traveling through the town a day.

On Tuesday, Schumer made a visit to Bergen and announced his commitment to push for a deal to be reached between CSX, Amtrack, the New York State Department of Transportation and the Federal Railway Administration.

"What's the hold up? The funds are there, the will is there, the plan is there and the need is there."

Senator Schumer says the railway would run from Buffalo through Rochester and on to Albany.

"When it comes to efficient travel for local businesses, residents, and tourists, plus the  jobs that would be created by the $58 million dollars...footdragging is unacceptable. That's why I'm working to get this plan moving full speed ahead."

According to Schumer, the $58 million dollars allocated to the state by the Federal government will be used to start building the first 11 miles of track, but first an agreement must be reached or New York State will have to return the money.