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Occupy Rochester Staying in Park Beyond Deadline

The agreement allowing Occupy Rochester protestors to stay overnight in Washington Square Park ends Wednesday, but that does not mean the protesters will be forced out.

City spokesman Gary Walker says nothing "dramatic" will happen, but the park will eventually be emptied.

Walker says the city and protesters are working on an existing plan, So Wednesday's going to come and go and the group will be there, but the mayor has made it clear in our ongoing conversations with the group that there needs to be an end date. There needs to be a day when this sunsets and that has to be before spring."

Walker says spring is the deadline because the city needs the time to make repairs to the park and get it ready for the general public by summer.

Protestors have been occupying the park since October. The group made a pact with the mayor last November permitting them to pitch tents and stay at the park past closing hours.