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Orleans County Wind Turbine Proposal Moves Into A New Phase


A Virginia-based company that already has been working to develop a wind power project in Orleans and Niagara Counties  is also moving ahead with the next phase of a different project, would that would be located in the Orleans County Town of Barre.

That project by Apex Clean Energy would involve about 70 wind turbines, although the project is still in the initial stages. Spokesperson Cat Mosley says the company has recently filed a plan designed to show how they were gather public input about the project.

“We’ve gotten input already but the PIP, the public involvement plan, is really the start and the formalization and an outline of how we are going to engage the public moving forward and all stakeholders.” Mosley says this is a multi-year process, so if the project is approved, it would still be several years away before it’s built.

The other project, proposed near the south shore of Lake Ontario, has generated some controversy with bird conservation groups saying it has the potential of severely impacting raptors and songbirds.

Apex said earlier this year it was conducting  environmental studies to ensure the project is as safe as possible for all types of wildlife including birds.