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RGRTA Board approves plan to help bus city school students

Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority
Rochester's Regional Transit Service is training employees to use naloxone to reverse opioid overdoses.

Rochester’s bus company has passed a resolution to help the City School District with its ongoing bus driver shortage. 

But the four-month plan will have an impact to RTS and its customers.

CEO Bill Carpenter told the RGRTA Board on Tuesday that they have a plan that will allow current customers to continue to have service, and serve an additional 3,500 city school students.

But one of the trademarks of the Reimagine RTS redesign, its 15-minute service, will be changed to 30- minute service on several routes

``Our customer satisfaction. We do expect to take a hit, the number one aspect of the system redesign that customers liked was the frequency they liked the consistency they liked that it does the same thing, seven days a week," said Carpenter.

He said another major impact will be a loss in customer revenue. Carpenter told the board they’ll have a better idea what impact that will be at its next meeting in October.

Board Chair Don Jeffries added that while the school district’s problems will be fixed, RTS will inherit a transit problem.

The Rochester City School Board met Tuesday night to go over the details. It appears the RTS buses will be ready to transport additional high school students as of Monday, September 13.  Students who cannot get to school when it opens this Thursday, September 8, will be able to take classes virtually, if they can't find another way to get to school.