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“Safer Internet Day” on Tuesday


Tuesday marks Safer Internet Day, a global initiative designed to create a safer, better internet, and raise awareness about online issues ranging from cyberbullying to social networking.

Students in the Rochester City School District will get a day-long learning experience about being safe online as representatives from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children meet with them at School No.7.

Community Educator with NCMEC, Deborah Ortiz-Pardi, says there are a number of risk factors out there for anyone who uses technology, particularly young people.

``They could end up communicating with people who through various social networks and online gaming who might not have very good intentions.  Cyberbullying, how people treat one another online is certainly a huge concern we see from schools," she said.

Ortiz-Pardi says they address those issues and more, and teach young people ways to avoid risky situation, but also knowing what to if they encounter a problem.


This year's theme for "Safer Internet Day" is "Together for a better internet", and is a call to action for all stakeholders to join together and do their part to create a better internet for everyone, especially for younger users.

Students from School No. 8 in the city will attend a day-long learning session at the district's main office, while representatives from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children will bring an interactive educational program to students at School No. 7.

Other activities marking “Safer Internet Day” will be held throughout the day at all district schools and at the Central Office.