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MCC employees support vote of no confidence in President Anne Kress


Monroe Community College employees have supported a vote of no confidence in President Anne Kress. The  results of the vote were released Monday.

Just over 500 members of MCC's full- and part-time staff, including adjunct professors, took part in the vote. Of the 502 ballots cast, 88 percent supported a vote of no confidence.

There were 743 employees represented by the Faculty Association or Faculty Senate who were eligible to vote.

Bethany Gizzi, the MCC Faculty Association president, talked about what these numbers mean.

"I think that what it tells us is that the complaint and the concerns about MCC are not a small group of disgruntled employees, but it is the overwhelming majority of the people who work here have serious concerns about the direction of the college," Gizzi said.

MCC released a statement saying they are disappointed in the results of the vote, and believe the vote is related to the ongoing contract negotiations with the Faculty Association Union, adding  that MCC is a “rewarding place to work,” citing high employee and teaching faculty retention rates.

A spokesperson for the college says Kress will speak about the vote Tuesday at 10 a.m. 

Amanda Colosimo, the president of the MCC Faculty Senate, said they discussed in the Senate at length whether to go ahead with a vote and "air the school's dirty laundry."

She says they didn’t want to speak negatively of the school but felt it was important to move forward and make what they believe are necessary changes to the college.

"Ultimately at the end, the overwhelming majority of the Senate agreed that regardless of what some of the public implications might be that it was too important to not have a vote of no confidence," Colosimo said. "So we voted to support and participate in the Faculty Association vote of no confidence."

Colosimo says they will officially present the results of the vote at the Dec. 3 MCC Board of Trustees meeting.

"We will be asking the board to do a comprehensive review of Dr. Kress and her management team because it’s very hard to look at these numbers and not respond to them."