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Body cameras coming to RCSD schools?

Body camera used by Rochester Police
Alex Crichton
Body camera used by Rochester Police

The city school district is considering the use of body cameras by its school resource officers, but the head of the Board of Education says those that would be impacted by that decision need to be consulted first.

School board president Van White says the idea needs to be properly vetted before SRO's wear a camera on a school campus.

"We have teachers, staff members, students and parents that will all be impacted by this. We feel it's appropriate before ultimately making a decision on whether to do this or not, to consult with them first, see what their ideas are, see what their concerns are," he said.

White says there's also a host of confidentiality, privacy and litigation issues concerning the use of body cameras on school grounds.

He adds the district would also want to consult with other school districts that use body cameras to see what their experience has been.

The school resource officers will be trained in the use of body cameras in the next month or so.

White says implementation of body cameras in schools wouldn't happen before September of this year.