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New Take on Urban-Suburban Program

Suburban school officials hear about career-focused learning programs at Edison Tech and East High

Representatives from suburban school districts met with their city counterparts today to learn more about a new partnership that allows suburban students to attend work-based education programs at Edison Tech and East High this fall.

The Diversity of Opportunity Education Partnership, or DO Partnership, will enable up to 30 students from 13 suburban districts to take part in a number programs at the two city schools, including advanced manufacturing and engineering, digital media, construction, information technology, culinary arts, medical careers and more.

The partnership creates educational opportunities that support students to invent their future and bring everyone together as a community, according to the Deputy Superintendent of Administration at the city school district, Adele Bovard.

"When we see our students really get to know each other, it breaks down all kinds of barriers.  They relate as friends, a very easy and comfortable relationship,"  she said. "The partnership offers opportunities for careers, that are different and unique from what students get in the suburbs."


Adele Bovard (l) Jeff Crane, and East High Superintendent Shaun Nelms (r)

The Do Partnership is an extension of the Urban-Suburban program, which has been intact since 1965.

Jeff Crane is superintendent of the West Irondequoit School District, and is chair of the Urban-Suburban Transfer Program Governance Committee.

"Research tells us that diverse educational settings allow for better learning, and most importantly prepare our kids for the society in which they'll graduate," he says.

Incoming 9th graders in 13 suburban districts are eligible for the program.

The DO Partnership will also establish connections between two Rochester elementary schools and two suburban districts this fall.

Here's West Irondequoit School District Superintendent Crane talking about the program: