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Simon School Lowering Tuition on its MBA Program

At a time when tuition hikes are commonplace, one educational institution is lowering the cost of its two-year MBA program by over $10,000.

That's according to Andrew Ainslie, Dean of the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester, who says they're rebalancing between what the tuition price is -- the so-called "sticker price" -- and the level of scholarship support they give their students.

He says they found they were on the high side on both, compared to competing schools.

"Scholarship information is harder to get access to, than what the sticker price is, so what if we thought what if we just effectively just start by giving everybody a $10,000 scholarship."

Total tuition for the full-time two-year MBA program is being adjusted from $106,400 to $92,000 for students entering the program this fall.

Ainslie says lowering that sticker price will make the Simon MBA program more attractive to a

larger number of applicants.

He says even with the tuition change, the Simon School will continue to have an extensive scholarship program, among the most generous in the country.

Ainslie adds he hopes this sparks interest in all schools to look at the balance between tuition costs and scholarships.