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Using Cell Phone Space for Scientific Research

University of Rochester researchers are conduting a study on a computer application, so they need people to volunteer the extra capacity on their cell phones

The APP is called Green Energy Mobile Cloud, or GEMCloud, and the idea is to use spare space on mobile devices to do computational tasks.

In this case, it's a pharmaceutical company working on developing new drugs.

Wendi Heinzelman is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the U of R.

She says they're testing an APP called "Green Energy Mobile Cloud," or GEMCloud.

Heinzelman says GEMCloud is "green," because while supercomputers need enormous amounts of power to operate, there is a massive amount of computation space available on processors in
idle mobile devices.

She says the biggest negative impact users saw in the first round of testing on the APP was it took longer for batteries to charge.

Heinzelman says they've changed the APP to address that issue.

She adds the project is designed to work with Android devices only.