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Mayoral Candidate Alex White Lays Out Education Plan

Mayoral Candidate Alex White
Mayoral Candidate Alex White

Rochester businessman and mayoral candidate Alex White released his education plan on Tuesday outside Monroe High School.

White says he wants to use property tax reassessments to provide funding for school programs and ensure all students receive a quality education. He pointed out a handful of local million dollar properties like the Erie Harbor Apartments on Mt. Hope Avenue that he says aren't paying enough in property taxes.

White says the problem with public education is not about the money, it's about the priorities.

“The best answer for our families of our city is to make free high quality integrated public education a real choice families,” White says. “Our children's education needs to come before the profits of millionaire landlords. As mayor I plan to deliver the funds to make this possible."

White says he opposes the creation of new charter schools calling them "separate but not equal". His mayoral opponent City Council President Lovely Warren is in favor of charter schools as part of her education plan.

White and Warren will square off this November for the city's top job.