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New Charter School to Focus on Job Readiness

A new charter school opening this fall is offering a curriculum that addresses the concerns of the business community.

Dennis Francione is the Founder and CEO of the Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School located downtown on Hart Street.

He says students will take the concepts and skills of the Regents and apply them to job readiness skills, "We are addressing seriously the business concerns out there in terms of the 4-Cs, Communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. If we can address those 4 Cs we will really prepare our seniors for either college or an apprenticeship program in the future."

Francione says RIT, St. John Fisher College and SUNY Brockport are partnering with the school.

80 ninth graders will launch the new charter in the fall. In tenth grade they’ll select a career that interests them. Francione says the school will then prepare students for a mentorship and internship program for their junior and senior years.