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Seneca Park Zoo Suspects Polar Bear is Expecting

Courtesy Seneca Park Zoo

One of the polar bears at the Seneca Park Zoo may be expecting, and if she is pregnant, it could mark the first successful artificial insemination of a polar bear.

The procedure was performed by the Seneca Park Zoo, in conjunction with the Cincinnati Zoo's Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife, or CREW.

County Executive Maggie Brooks says the results could be groundbreaking.

Brooks says, if successful, the procedure will put the Seneca Park Zoo in the forefront of preservation of the world's polar bears. Polar bears are an endangered species.

Dr. Jeff Wyatt, Director of Animal Health and Conservation at the Zoo, says there is no pregnancy test for a polar bear, and only time will tell if Aurora is pregnant.

If so, a new polar bear cub could be born around Thanksgiving.

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