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Panel Discussion at The Little Theatre Follows Premiere of Film on Bullying

The controversial film "BULLY" debuted in Rochester Friday at The Little Theatre followed by a panel discussion on the film and the issue of bullying.

The panel discussion was led by WXXI’s Helene Biandudi immediately following the screening of the film.

Miss New York Kaitlin Monte was on the panel.  She was a victim of bullying and has made awareness her mission. The Pittsford native has launched a campaign against bullying in schools throughout the state.

Monte says one major issue is that the word “bully” is often misused, "We need to start giving kids credit for the fact that a lot of them, they're actually facing harassment. These are more serious issues in many cases when what they're going through is as effective on them as it is. So I think it's important that in terms of the discourse we even be careful of belittling things down to the word bully which can feel like oh it's just kids pushing on the playground."

Monte and other panelists will discuss the impact of bullying on children, schools and families. Included on the panel are an expert on cyber bullying, a student who started an anti-bullying campaign, and the mother of a young woman who was bullied at her school.

Click on the audio player above to listen to a Miss New York Kaitlin Monte talk about the issue with WXXI’s Helene Biandudi.

Click on the video player below to watch the entire panel discussion. You can find more information about the movie and panel discussion at this link.