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A Leadership Training Program Aims to Teach Parents How to become Advocates

Demond Meeks, parent of two city school district students
Demond Meeks, parent of two city school district students

A Connecticut-based leadership training program empowering parents to get involved in the community and their child’s education - is coming to the Greater Rochester area this fall.

The Parent Leadership Training Institute teaches families city, state and federal law as well as breaking down policy and municipal budgets. 

Demond Meeks is one parent who'll serve on the Institutions local advisory board.

“These skill sets will allow parents to better maneuver through the system and affect positive change for their children and the Rochester community at large,” Meeks says. “The skill sets allotted the parents will allow them to effectively work better at PTOs, PTAs and other existing programs in the community."

The training institute reports teaching 1,700 parents in Connecticut and eight other states. Local enrollment is underway for 6 area school districts, including city schools. The first 20-week class begins in October tuition free - it's completely tuition-free.

The program is a public-private partnership.