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“Dear WXXI, I am Liza, an almost ten year old…”That's the beginning a letter sent to WXXI News by a young girl named Liza, who was asking for a whole day of "good news." "There’s always something bad going on," she wrote. " I wish they could play something happy. So the question is can you? Would you spend a whole day of just happy news or if bad news, happy solutions? If you did, I would round up all of my church friends to hear.”Written in pencil on a sheet of lined paper, the simple letter inspired a series of uplifting reports from the WXXI news team.

Good News Series: Reading Power Play Program

The local library probably isn’t the first place you think of to find professional hockey players and some very young hockey fans.

But in his Good News Series report, WXXI's Alex Crichton checks out the unusual combination.

Alex Crichton is host of All Things Considered on WXXI-FM 105.9/AM 1370. Alex delivers local news, weather and traffic reports beginning at 4 p.m. each weekday.
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