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New homes for Rochester's Beechwood neighborhood

Rochester Housing Charities has built this new home at 16 Diamond Place in the city
Alex Crichton
Rochester Housing Charities has built this new home at 16 Diamond Place in the city

Some new affordable housing is taking shape in Rochester's Beechwood neighborhood.

Officials from Rochester Housing Charities, and its affiliate, the Rochester Housing Authority, presented the keys to long-time Beechwood resident Loretta Cross.

She is the owner of the first of four two bedroom homes to be built on Diamond Place, after current vacant and abandoned properties are removed.

It’s the first new builds there since 2002.

RHC Chairman Reece McKenzie says the new homes are a launching pad to a positive domino effect across the Beechwood community.

"It's just a basic need.  And if you have a nice home to go home to, it really changes you.  It provides you with hope, happiness, and you know, children growing up, having a home makes a huge difference," he said.

Inside the kitchen at Loretta Cross' new home
Inside the kitchen at Loretta Cross' new home

The new homeowner is Loretta Cross, a 15-year resident of the neighborhood.

She's glad to leave renting behind and own her own home.

"It'll be good to finally have something that we can say is finally mine, because renting takes a toll and it's a lot.  I see the difference now in the renting and having your own," she said.

Rochester Housing Charities is investing $500 thousand dollars to build the four homes on Diamond Place.

Mayor Lovely Warren said the house represents the great opportunities that can be brought to communities around the city of Rochester.

First-time homebuyers interested in applying for the available properties there can fill out an application with Rochester Housing Charities at their 684 West Main Street location.

Cross plans to move into her new home with her granddaughter on June 1st.

Rochester Housing Authority Board Chair George Moses presents Loretta Cross with the keys to her new home.

Loretta Cross looks forward to moving into her new home after 15 years of renting in the Beechwood neighborhood: