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BBB: Check your passwords

March 15th was "National Password Day," and the Better Business Bureau of upstate New York is reminding people to make sure people have a secure password.

Communications Director Melanie McGovern says BBB and the Federal Trade Commission want people to make sure their passwords are unique and hard to get into, because hackers are trying every day to access accounts.

"You want to make it long and strong, and that's always the rule of thumb when it comes to passwords," she said.

McGovern says many people use a sentence as their password.

"A sentence is a lot longer, you can put a random capital letter in there.  You can put an explanation point, a period.  So we recommend sentences.  Password generators are great," she said.

Other tips from the Better Business Bureau on National Password Day include: don't reuse passwords used on other accounts, because if a hacker compromises one account, they can get into all your accounts.

To remember all those passwords, the BBB recommends people use a password manager.

Just be sure to remember your secure password to the password manager.

And it's recommended people change passwords every six months, or after a breach.