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Gas Prices Close to $2 Dollar Mark in Rochester

Alex Crichton

The price of gasoline continues to fall.

The average for a gallon of regular unleaded in the Rochester area is $ 2 dollars 5 cents, according to AAA spokesperson Elizabeth Carey.

"We've seen them go down about a nickel in the past week. So prices do continue to drop, and we do expect them to continue to drop because crude oil prices are way down, they've just been tumbling."

Many stations are selling gas below the $2 dollar mark.

Carey notes one station on Dewey Avenue has gas for $1.88.

That's near the national average of $1.83.

This is due to tumbling crude oil prices around the world.
The low prices are a bonus for drivers with the local Meals on Wheels program.

Director Margaret Schweizer says their dedicated volunteers serve who they need to serve, regardless of the gas price.

“It’s a nice treat for them to be able to be able to save a little at the pump while they are out there doing such great work for us.”

Schweizer says they have about 24 hundred volunteers participating in the Meals on Wheels program during the year, and every day they use about 200 volunteers to deliver meals in the community. 

She says the low gas prices also save Meals on Wheels money as it budgets for its 12 staff drivers.

AAA's Carey adds it's expected the price of a gallon of gas will remain flat or drop even more in advance of the busy summer driving season a few months from now.

But gas prices could climb nationally as much as 50 cents a gallon as refineries conduct seasonal maintenance late this winter and into spring before the busy summer driving season.