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Faith Community: No More Casinos

Rev. Ruben Goff speaking at Susan B. Anthony Square Park
Alex Crichton
Rev. Ruben Goff speaking at Susan B. Anthony Square Park

  The local faith community is encouraging residents to tell their lawmakers a Seneca Casino would not be good for this community.

The Reverend Ruben Goff of the Faith Alliance spoke for the group "No More Casinos."

He says those casinos aren't giving back as promised.

Goff says Native American run casinos don't have to pay the same taxes as other casinos or businesses, and they aren't required to provide the same worker protections.

He says it's clear that casinos in Buffalo and Niagara Falls did not benefit those communities.

Goff says they aren't trying to stop anyone from gambling, and his group supports economic development, but he says there are better ways to achieve that rather than expanding casino gambling.

Goff and No More Casinos are urging people to tell county lawmakers "no" and get legislators to go on record opposing casinos during the Legislature's meeting next Tuesday night.

The Reverend Goff was the only one in attendance at a news conference Friday.

Organizers say ministers from several other churches were invited, but they were no-shows.