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Rochester Ranked #48 Among US Cities For Startup Businesses In 2014 - Interactive

A new look at which of the nation's cities provide the best conditions for starting a business has put Rochester in the Top 50, with Buffalo not far behind. Rochester came in at #48 in the survey.

The rankings just released by the financial social network, WalletHub show the nation's South-East surging ahead as an environment for startups.

The site estimates that between 10 and 43 million Americans currently work for themselves, and this map ranks the nation's largest 150 cities by population and applies metrics to measure the business climate for wannabe entrepeneurs.

The surveylooks at factors such as access to financing, cost of office space, tax regimes, availability of qualified employees, cost of living and average salary levels.

By comparison, New York metro came in at 126.

Jacksonville, FL emerged as the front runner:

as Florida’s largest city boasts the country’s second-highest 5-year small business survival rate as well as attractive corporate tax rates, a bountiful labor force and fairly accessible small business funding.