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Comcast Deal Could Create "Monster Network"

The deal that would merge Comcast with Time Warner Cable will likely mean higher cable and internet bills for consumers in the future.

That from Professor of Communications at RIT, Mike Johansson, who says this deal, if approved, is not necessarily good news for subscribers.

Johansson says this deal is more about the internet than cable.  

He says most customers, especially young people, are more interested in getting high speed internet and use streaming services via the internet.

He says Comcast would become a "monster network" if the deal goes through.

And that's usually not good for consumers.

He says higher prices are a given, as cable bills increase every year anyway.

Chairman at Brighton Securities, George Conboy, agrees.

He say it's says it's safe to assume cable bills will rise, but that's nothing new.

Conboy says the future of cable isn't all that bright, and the real future for Comcast is generating content, and having the internet piped into households.

Time Warner spokesperson Joli Plucknette-Farmen issued this statement about the merger:

"We're continuing with our plans to operate locally without any changes at this time. It will take months to complete this transaction.  In the meantime, we’ll continue to focus on serving our customers.

More consumers will benefit from the innovation of the combined company --- faster Internet, more TV Everywhere, the fastest home WiFi and Comcast’s comprehensive video experience.

There will be very little impact on the vast majority of employees. Comcast will need talented, motivated employees to operate the cable systems."