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Drive Through in Honeoye Falls?

Residents in Honeoye Falls can weigh in on a proposal that would change village code to allow for a drive-through restaurant.

A public hearing on the matter will be held tonight.

The group Honeoye Falls Community Association is against the idea.

Board member Paul Kammermeier says they have traffic and safety concerns, and a fast-food drive through doesn't fit in with the character of the village, according to Kammermeier.

He says his group feels the code change as written constitutes "spot zoning," which may open up the village to possible litigation.

Village Mayor Richard Milne says he thinks they're off base with that assertion.

He adds the code change would allow restaurants with a drive-through in the general commercial district only.

Milne says current zoning allows for restaurants with drive-throughs in the historic village business district. 

He says he would support a code change to forever disallow that from happening.

Milne says sometimes businessess feed off eachother, and the village is in need of an economic boost.

The public hearing starts at 7:30 at the Honeoye Falls High School