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Wegmans East Ave Draws Big Crowd On Opening Day

wegmans opening sign.jpg
Randy Gorbman

The Wegmans faithful stream into the store as it opens on Sunday:

Hundreds of people lined up outside the new East Avenue Wegmans which opened Sunday morning at 7:00.

The store has actually been in discussion since the mid-1990, and a lot of people WXXI News spoke with say they were thrilled that their store has reopened, and that the selection of regular items and prepared foods is a lot larger than the old store. The new store is actually one of the smaller new stores in the Wegmans chain, because of the need to fit in with community needs and concerns. But it is still twice as big as the old Wegmans store.

The old store was demolished to make way for a much bigger parking lot. The new store also adds about 150 employees over the previous staffing, and that, along with the new development, makes Mayor Tom Richards pretty happy. He came to the store opening Sunday and he says it provides a nice economic boost for the area.

A new Italian restaurant,  "Amore," which is part of the complex, will open sometime this summer.