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Neighborhood Groups Voice Support for Brewery's Plan

The demolition of 13 Cataract St. is still being debated
The demolition of 13 Cataract St. is still being debated

Some Northeast Neighborhood residents say the Genesee Brewery’s planned Brew House and visitor center is an opportunity to revitalize a blighted area.

Group 14621 Community Association and the Northeast Area Development Group supports the plan even though it involves tearing down a historic structure at 13 Cataract Street.

George Moses, NEAD executive director, says the controversy over preserving 13 Cataract Street is about saving a neighborhood and not a building, “We have folks, some can move, some chose not to move. This is one of the greatest views of the high falls, why can't we benefit from this view? Why can't we have others from the outside area come and share what we think our neighborhood should be?"

In order for the Brew House project to move forward, two buildings on the Cataract Street property would have to be demolished - one of which has been nominated for landmark status. 

The city's Preservation Board will hold a public hearing Wednesday night to decide the fate of the building.