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Coming up on Connections: Thursday, October 28


First hour: Candidates for New York State Supreme Court

Second hour: Discussing the value and criticism of private schoolsWe talk with candidates running for New York State Supreme Court. There are four candidates running for two seats. This hour, we talk to the candidates about their platforms and experience on the bench, and we discuss the role of a State Supreme Court Justice. Our guests:

  • Deral Givens
  • Maurice Verrillo

*The two other candidates, Elena Cariola and Jim Wash, declined to participate.
Then in our second hour, the Harley School recently introduced a new program designed to bring more students from disadvantaged backgrounds into their school community. Harley says inclusion is at the core of its mission. But critics, like author and former private school teacher Caitlin Flanagan, say that private schools have become indefensible: they disproportionately send students to the elite colleges, and they exacerbate inequality. Our guests discuss it:

  • Larry Frye, head of the Harley School
  • Stevie Vargas, upstate campaign coordinator for the Alliance for Quality Education