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Connections: Democrats on how their party can stem possible political losses


David Shor has been right on just about everything when it comes to politics over the past ten years. At the age of 30, he's a data scientist whose word has become respected -- or, perhaps, feared among Democrats. That's because, as a Democrat himself, Shor says his own party has been hijacked by white college-educated liberals whose views are far to the left of most Americans. The American political map already favors Republicans, given the advantages the GOP has with the US Senate. As a result, Shor says Democrats are facing devastating political losses over the next decade. He has ideas on how to stem the losses.

Our guests respond to his warnings. They come from a variety of backgrounds on the political left:

  • Jerri Lynn Sparks, former Congressional press secretary and founder of the Riga Democratic Committee
  • Leslie Danks Burke, president of Trailblazers PAC and former candidate for NY State Senate
  • Paul Hypolite, founder of Leading with Our Values, a public affairs firm committed to economic, racial, gender, and environmental justice