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Connections: Answering your questions about technology


Got questions about technology? We all do right now, and not just because we couldn't get to Facebook all day Monday. Thinking of cutting the cord on cable TV? Trying to upgrade your home internet? Still struggling with your work-from-home setup? And do you want the new iPhone 13 or would you be better off with the Pixel 6?

We take your questions and try to give you some solid answers. Our guests:

  • Chad Barbe, staff software engineer at Datto, and self-described Apple “fanboy”
  • Amanda Nock, director of devops at NU borders, who worked in engineering at Paychex and Cloudcheck
  • Phillip Dampier, editor/publisher of StopTheCap!, and Brighton-based expert on cable, phone, and internet regulation and pricing

You'll hear Scott in various capacities on WXXI either as a reporter, or hosting Morning Edition or All Things Considered.