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Coming up on Connections: Thursday, July 8

Max Schulte/WXXI News

First hour: What have we learned about education during the pandemic?

Second hour: Discussing the push for the four-day workweekA new survey from the RAND Corporation shows that one in four teachers is considering leaving the profession after this school year. That's up from one in six before the pandemic. According to a co-author of the report, "Teachers were almost twice as likely to report that they were experiencing frequent job-related stress as the general employed adult population. And about three times as many teachers said that they were experiencing symptoms of depression as the general adult population.” Now that the academic year has wrapped up for most teachers in the Greater Rochester area, we talk to them about the challenges they've faced, the successes they've had, and the lessons they've learned from teaching during a pandemic. Our guests also weigh in on how they could see the profession changing as a result of those lessons. It's our first in a series of conversations on this subject. Our guests:

  • John Baynes, teacher at Our Lady of Mercy, and Monroe County Legislator in the 18th District
  • Jon Lewis, UPK preschool teacher in the Rochester City School District

Then in our second hour, several countries, including Iceland, Spain, and New Zealand, are testing out four-day workweeks. Icelandic officials report that the trials in their country were an "overwhelming success" and led to improvements in workplaces. What did they learn? What are the drawbacks? Could we see more American companies experiment with the concept? Our guests share their perspectives:

  • Louie Maier, president of Brandmint
  • Bethany Patton, creative director of Brandmint
  • Andrew Brady, co-founder of the Rochester chapter of Conscious Capitalism
  • Amorette Miller, co-owner of
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