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Connections: The story of one donor-conceived family


Imagine growing up thinking that you're an only child, only to discover that you have 30 siblings. That was the story for an entire family of brothers and sisters, four of whom went to high school together without knowing that they were related. They continue to discover new siblings, and they might never know how many there are. That's part of the reason they've moved into advocacy: they are the story of a donor-conceived family. Fourteen of the siblings were born in 1994 alone. But the law does not require that donor-conceived children ever receive information on their biological parents, their siblings, or the size and location of their families. This large and growing group hopes to change that.

We talk to multiple siblings, starting with the one member of the family who grew up in the Rochester area:

  • Lindsey Wrobel, one of 28 donor-conceived siblings in the same family