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Connections: Penfield residents discuss their Community Choice Aggregation Plan


A group of community members in Penfield are working to bring Community Choice Aggregation, or CCA, to their town. With CCA, a town or a group of towns choose an electricity supplier on behalf of residents and then negotiate the rates. CCA was first implemented in Massachusetts more than two decades ago; since then, it has been implemented in communities across the country, including in Monroe County. 

The Penfield Town Board has drafted a CCA-enabling law, and for nearly 18 months, the PenfieldCCA Residents' Committee has advocated for the inclusion of 100 percent renewable electricity as the default option for the plan, along with an "opt-up" community solar option. Committee members say their CCA plan will save residents money on their energy bills and allow for a switch to clean and renewable electricity.

This hour, we discuss how CCA works and what Penfield residents hope to see in their town. In studio: