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Connections: Discussing bike culture and sharing the road in Rochester


Local cyclist Bryan Agnello was hit by a car in early January, and now the driver of that car is suing him for damaging the vehicle. As reported by CITY Newspaper, the driver, Jovonte Cook, struck Agnello from behind and propelled him onto the car's hood. Agnello was taken to the hospital, but did not have serious injuries. Now, Cook is suing Agnello and seeking $700 in damages. He says Agnello was riding his bike on 490 at around 60 miles per hour. According to CITY reporter Jeremy Moule, the top speed recorded at the 2019 Tour de France was 63 miles per hour during a descent in the Alps.

This hour, we discuss Agnello's story, and broader bike culture in Rochester. Our guests discuss the changes they'd like to see when it comes to sharing the road, policy, and more. In studio: