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Connections: Discussing how to measure authenticity online


How do you measure authenticity online? In this hour, we explore how we present ourselves in various online spaces. What’s real? What’s the true measure of self? What’s performative?

The New Yorker recently explored the rise in “getting real” posts on Instagram, in which so-called “influencers” write self-flagellating posts about the lies they’ve been living, or the inauthentic and forced posts about happy travels and sunsets. But even the “getting real” posts can be inauthentic; they’ve become so popular that there is demand for ostensible authenticity. Who can tell what’s real anymore? Our guests debate it:

  • Elise Miklich, social media specialist, and owner of Light Within Candle Company
  • Emily Hessney Lynch, digital strategist, and founder of Serve Me the Sky Digital
  • Rashad Smith, creative strategist for WLGZ The Beat, and visionary of Power Hour
  • Kate Meyers Emery, manager for digital engagement at the George Eastman Museum, and Finger Lakes wine educator