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Now in its 14th year, Candidate Free Air Time provides candidates in selected local races the opportunity to share their views with the Greater Rochester community through WXXI.Below are all the candidates that have taken our offer of Candidate Free Air Time.

Connections: Debating cancel culture


Is “cancel culture” a thing? And if so, is it eroding our trust in one another? Author and social commentator Kat Rosenfield says yes. She writes, “ While celebrities, successful artists, and other too-big-to-fail types can survive a cancellation (or even seek one out as a means of drumming up publicity), the rest of us are trapped in an increasingly deranged surveillance state fueled by the disappearance of our most essential resource: trust.” But critics argue that so-called “cancellations” are actually a form of progress and accountability.

We discuss it:

  • Kat Rosenfield, author and social commentator
  • Irene Kannyo, award-winning technical writer, cultural writer, editor, audio producer, and host of No Labels, Included on WAYO 104.3 FM