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Connections: Understanding the MOLST program


Making decisions about end-of-life care can be challenging and confusing. A program called Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) seeks to help families through the process. MOLST forms record detailed descriptions of how patients and families want treatment and care to be handled in scenarios they may experience.

Rochester has been recognized as a leader in IT advances that assist families with end-of-life care, so why don’t more people in the region know about and use MOLST? This hour, we're joined by healthcare providers who help us understand how the program works and what patients and their families need to know. In studio:

  • Dr. Patricia Bomba, M.D.M, vice president and medical director of geriatrics at Excellus BlueCross and Blue Shield, chair of the MOLST Statewide Implementation Team, and program director for eMOLST
  • Jill Eisenstein, president and CEO of Rochester RHIO, who has used the MOLST program both professionally and personally
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