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Now in its 14th year, Candidate Free Air Time provides candidates in selected local races the opportunity to share their views with the Greater Rochester community through WXXI.Below are all the candidates that have taken our offer of Candidate Free Air Time.

Connections: Should teachers stop giving in to grade negotiation?


Are high school and college students benefiting from too much grade inflation? Some admissions directors say yes.

A Clemson University professor sent a note to his colleagues, advising them to stand by the grades they give, and not buckle to student pressure. He wrote, "Assigning a grade is the end of teaching a class, not the beginning of a negotiation.”

We talk about when it is and is not appropriate to allow for re-dos, re-tests, re-writes. Our guests:

  • Larry Frye, Head of School at The Harley School
  • Joe Cope, history professor, and interim associate provost for student success at SUNY Genseo
  • Leah Stacy, assistant professor in professional practice in English and communication at Nazareth College

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