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Connections: How are world events impacting travel abroad?


How are world events impacting travel and study abroad? The current political and social climate have led to calls for universities to stop sending students to countries like Iran. These critics say students face real threats in countries experiencing unrest, and it’s reckless for colleges to ignore them. At the same time, a new interactive travel map highlighting risk levels across the globe shows Iran is low risk, and as safe as the UK.

This hour, we sit down with international travelers and security experts to discuss the current state of foreign travel and what we need to know. In studio:

  • Heidi Friederich, professional volunteer and world traveler who just returned from Iran
  • Shahin Monshipour, director of the International Culture and Arts Network, and adjunct instructor of anthropology and sociology at RIT
  • Jane Gatewood, vice provost for global engagement at the University of Rochester
  • Alan Ryon, manager for international travel and security at the University of Rochester
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