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Coming up on Connections: Monday, October 22

Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

First hour: Rochester's new digital newspaper, the Rochester Beacon

Second hour: Are malls dying?

Rochester has a new newspaper, of sorts: the Rochester Beacon, a digital publication which launched last week. The Beacon aims to "build a stronger Rochester by serving as a source of and forum for ideas and perspectives that are rooted in intellectual openness and drive informed public action." We explore who's behind it, and whether it can survive in a challenging world of journalism. Our guests:

  • Alex Zapesochny, publisher of the Rochester Beacon 
  • Paul Ericson, executive editor of the Rochester Beacon 
  • Smriti Jacob, managing editor of the Rochester Beacon 
  • Kent Gardner, opinion editor for the Rochester Beacon 

Last summer, Time Magazine wrote that "America's malls are dying off." Business Insider posted "50 haunting photos of abandoned malls." And a popular meme is things millennials killed, with malls routinely topping the list. But are malls truly dying? Do they need to reinvent? Our guests discuss the future of malls:

  • Dennis Wilmot, senior vice president for leasing and development at Wilmorite
  • Emily Hessney Lynch, director of content for I Heart Roc, and freelance social media strategist
  • Lindsey Hicks, former marketing director at a mall in Michigan, and now assistant director of marketing at RIT