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Coming up on Connections: Monday, July 16

Sequoia Systems employee shows touch screen voting machine at Monroe County Board of Elections.
WXXI photo
Sequoia Systems employee shows touch screen voting machine at Monroe County Board of Elections.

First hour: Understanding ranked-choice voting

Second hour: The myth of millennials and career changes

Ranked-choice voting is popular in other parts of the voting world, but not in the United States. That could change, if voter advocacy groups get their way. So how does it work? What are the possible advantages or disadvantages to ranked-choice voting? Would it change the outcome of presidential or other elections? Our guests will debate it:

  • Seth O'Bryan, teacher at the Harley School
  • Tim Kneeland, chair of the department of history and political science at Nazareth College
  • Jesse Lenney, western region political director for New York Working Families

What if the most common narrative about millennials turned out to be untrue? According to the latest data, that seems to be the case. We're talking about how often younger workers change jobs. The oft-heard assumption is that millennial workers have to be ready for many career changes, due to an unstable economy. Another is that millennials want to change jobs often to allow themselves to refresh and refocus. But Lyman Stone's piece for Vox deconstructs those ideas, and offers a warning for what it means. Our guests:

  • Lyman Stone, economist and researcher for Demographic Intelligence
  • Danielle Raymo, owner of the Rochester Brainery
  • Ana Liss, managing director of Greater Rochester Enterprise
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