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Connections: "By age 35, you should..."


"By age 35, you should….” That phrase is at the center of a debate about what’s realistic for millennials when it comes to everything from financial security to the kinds of forks they have in their kitchen drawers. All kidding aside, the meme has gone viral, especially the one the states, “By age 35, you should have twice your salary saved.” Is that realistic for millennials?

In the midst of that debate, the story of a Syracuse-area man has also gone viral. A judge has sided with the parents of Michael Rotondo, a 30 year old who has been living in their home for years, rent free. Rotondo’s parents took him to court after he refused to move out. Critics say by living with his parents and not looking for a job, Rotondo characterizes the “typical millennial.” Is that fair?

This hour, we discuss these stories, the financial landscape for millennials, and whether or not these perceptions ring true. In studio:

  • Sarah Jones, PR account executive with Dixon Schwabl
  • Matt Wagstaff, manager of new sales channels at BCBS
  • Chuck Wade, vice president and financial advisor for Brighton Securities

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