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Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, November 28th


First hour: LED lighting and its impact on climate

Second hour: Previewing "For the Love of Justice"

A fresh look at LED lighting challenges ideas as to whether it’s better for the environment. A recent piece published by Gizmodo argues that the benefits of LED lighting – energy efficiency and reduced costs – could lead to more lighting overall. It’s called the rebound effect, and there’s disagreement over the impact it may have. Some scientists say that concerns about the rebound effect are overblown. They argue that more efficient technology reduces threats to the environment; so, even if the world is getting brighter, it’s become brighter using less energy. We’ll break down the facts, and look at common household items and their impact on climate. Our guests:

  • Eric Hittinger, assistant professor of public policy at RIT
  • Scott Oliver, deputy for energy programs at PathStone Corporation
  • Bill LaBine, owner of Airtight Services, Inc.
  • Mike Viggiani, president and CEO of Go Green LED International Inc.

Then in our second hour, an upcoming multimedia performance at The Little Theatre will tackle a number of social themes. Danielle Ponder is the lead singer of Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People, and on December 1, she and her band will introduce audience members to places and experiences that have inspired Ponder in her work as a storyteller, and also as a public defender. The performance, called "For the Love of Justice," will explore issues related to feminism, criminal justice, personal liberation, and racial justice, all under the theme of love. We’ll preview the concert and discuss the experiences that inspired it. In studio:

  • Danielle Ponder, criminal defense attorney and lead singer of Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People
  • Doug Ackley, executive director of Teen Empowerment
  • Marcus Cooper, cyclist who works in sales at Park Ave Bike Shop, and an emcee