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Connections: Is this the year New York State holds a constitutional convention, part three


In less than two weeks, New York voters will decide if the state will hold its first constitutional convention since 1967. It's an opportunity New Yorkers have every 20 years, and it gives delegates a chance to re-examine how the state works and make improvements to the constitution.

The issue has been the center of a heated debate. Would a convention lead to rollback in worker protections? Is it necessary for ethics reform in state government? This hour, we hear from both sides, and answer your questions. Our guests:

  • Kim Chesko, public school teacher
  • Jesse Lenney, upstate regional political director for the Working Families Party
  • Wes Renfro, associate professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at St. John Fisher College
  • Neil Jaschik, chairman of the Government Reform Committee of the Interfaith Alliance of Rochester
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