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Coming up on Connections: Monday, October 23rd

Christopher Futcher

First hour: How diversity in the classroom improves student outcomes

Second hour: Reverend Barry Lynn on the separation of church and state

Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones has become a leading voice in the conversation about schools and equality. She's coming to Rochester as a guest of Great Schools for All, an organization dedicated to improving schools and increasing diversity in the classroom. In fact, Great Schools for All is leading an effort to create a cross-district diverse magnet school. Our guests will preview Nikole Hannah-Jones' event, and discuss the related issues. In studio:

  • Regent T. Andrew Brown, managing partner of Brown Hutchinson LLP, and vice-chancellor of the NYS Board of Regents
  • Dr. Andy Aligne, assistant professor of clinical pediatrics at URMC
  • Mark Hare, Great Schools for All

Then in our second hour, one of the most prominent opponents of the political marriage between Republicans and Evangelical Christians is an ordained Christian minister. Barry Lynn is also the executive director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. He says he sees an ongoing threat in which houses of worship are treated like political bases. This is timely, as President Trump presses his case that Christianity is under attack, mobilizing a base of voters that helped elect him. Lynn is in Rochester as a guest of the local chapter, and he'll tell us how he views church-and-state issues over his 25 years leading the organization.