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Connections: How students can apply lessons learned from studying abroad


When college students go abroad, they spend weeks, months, or even a year assimilating into a different culture. So how can they integrate those global experiences into their daily lives when they return home?

That's the focus of an upcoming conference at SUNY Geneseo called ROC Your Global Future. We talk to conference organizers and returning students about how they can apply their international perspectives to our community and their educational goals. In studio:

  • Sam Cardamone, conference organizer and associate director of study abroad and international programs at SUNY Geneseo
  • Heidi Kozireski, senior education abroad counselor and faculty led program coordinator at the University of Rochester Center for Education Abroad
  • Allison Maier, student at SUNY Geneseo who studied abroad in Greece and Ireland
  • Jacqueline Tran, student at the University of Rochester who studied abroad in Morocco