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Coming Up On Connections: Wednesday, September 28th


First hour: Panicked? Well, what are you doing about the election?

Second hour: How Rochester is becoming a Parkinson's-friendly community

If you're feeling some panic about the presidential election, a question: are you going to stay on the couch, curled up in the fetal position, for the next six weeks? Or might you go to work, volunteering? Would you go to a swing state for a weekend? Would you phone bank? No matter whom you support, we're exploring ways in which you - yes, you! - can get involved to help impact the election. Beyond, you know, asking the universe to intervene. Our guests:

  • Dick Hastings, Republican organizer and volunteer
  • Carol McManus, Republican organizer and volunteer
  • Larry Knox, political and community engagement coordinator with SEIU
  • Michelle Daniels, Democratic volunteer

Then, in this Move to Include conversation, we explore how Rochester has become a town more welcoming to people living with Parkinson's Disease. From diagnosis to research to resources, we'll cover it all. Our guests:

  • Dennis Whitney, president of the National Parkinson Foundation of Greater Rochester, and the primary caregiver for his wife
  • Bill Carpenter, board member for the foundation and the caregiver for his wife
  • Flo Dorsey, living with Parkinson's Disease
  • Michelle Burack, assistant professor of neurology at the University of Rochester Medical Center