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Coming Up On Connections: Tuesday, June 21st


First hour: The future of bookstores and libraries

Second hour: Author Sonja Livingston and her book, Ladies Night at the Dreamland

In the age of Google and e-book readers, what does the future hold for bookstores and libraries? How can they adapt to patrons' needs? We'll talk to local bookstore owners and librarians about how their industries are surviving and thriving. We'll also explore industry trends and emerging technology and spaces, which speak to how bookstores and libraries have become centers for community and collaboration. Our guests:

  • John Cieslinski, co-owner of Books, ETC. in Macedon
  • Bethany Haswell, co-owner of Stomping Grounds bookstore in Geneva
  • Matt Krueger, teen services librarian at the Irondequoit Public Library
  • Cassie Guthrie, director of the Greece Public Library

In our second hour, we talk with author Sonja Livingston about her new book, Ladies Night at the Dreamland

At the Dreamland, women and girls flicker from the shadows to take their proper place in the spotlight. In this lyrical collection, Livingston weaves together strands of research and imagination to conjure figures from history, literature, legend, and personal memory. The result is a series of essays that highlight lives as varied, troubled, and spirited as America itself. Harnessing the power of language, Livingston breathes life into subjects who lived extraordinary lives— as rule-breakers, victims, or those whose differences made them cultural curiosities—bringing together those who slipped through the world largely unseen with those whose images were fleeting or faulty so that they, too, remained relatively obscure. Included are Alice Mitchell, a Memphis society girl who murdered her female lover in 1892; Maria Spelterini, who crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope in 1876; May Fielding, a “white slave girl” buried in a Victorian cemetery; Valaida Snow, a Harlem Renaissance trumpeter; a child exhibited as Darwin’s Missing Link; the sculptors’ model Audrey Munson; a Crow warrior; victims of a 1970s serial killer; the Fox Sisters; and many more.