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Connections: New Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello, And The I-Square Controversy


New Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello joins us in studio. He was immediately thrust into a political controversy when local GOP chairman Bill Reilich attacked Bello's leadership in Irondequoit and, namely, the I-Square project.

Reilich claims I-Square is "failing." This is news to I-Square owners Mike and Wendy Nolan, who claim to be on time with all of their payments, meeting hiring targets, and generally succeeding. So what gives? Reilich has not released any evidence that I-Square is failing, but claims he has been told by county sources that there problems. Nolan says this is an attack on a private business. Bello explains what he knows; we also talk to Bello about his new role in county government. We've reached out to other involved parties. As of show time, Bill Reilich did not respond to invitations to join the discussion. Our guests:

  • Adam Bello, Irondequoit Town Supervisor and new Monroe County Clerk
  • Mike and Wendy Nolan, I-Square owners

Click here to read more about the controversy and view statements from COMIDA and Monroe County Republican Committee Chairman Bill Reilich.