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Connections: Do We Live in a NIMBY Nation?


Are we living in a NIMBY (Not in My Backyard) nation?

The Villa of Hope, which is a group home that provides help to at-risk youth, recently scrapped a plan to create a new facility in East Rochester. Neighbors said they love the mission, but they don't want the kids in this location. Their complaints sounded similar to the comments made by people living in the 19th Ward in Rochester who opposed the Open Door Mission's plan to create a new residential care facility for single mothers.

So are these projects just poorly planned, or is this more evidence of a community that won't step up to make room for everyone? Our guests:

  • Beverly Carroll, Villa of Hope "graduate"
  • Christina Gullo, Villa of Hope president and CEO
  • David Morabito, attorney and East Rochester resident
  • Colleen Richards, headmaster of St. John Bosco Schools
  • Mary Whittier, executive director of Bivona Child Advocacy Center