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Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, October 20th

First hour: What to expect when you're on a jury, and lessons from the Tan trial

Second hour: Kevin Hines, suicide prevention advocate, and survivor of a jump off the Golden Gate Bridge

What should you expect if you have to serve on a jury? The recent Tan trial in Rochester sparked a lot of discussion -- and confusion -- about the process. Why did the judge tell the jury to keep working, even when they said they were done? Could that kind of pressure taint the result? What was it like inside the deliberations? One of the Tan jurors joins our distinguished panel, and we'll talk about the expectations for juries -- even when it seems like there is no consensus.

In studio, we'll welcome Sandra Doorley, Monroe County District Attorney, one of the Tan jurors, Gary Craig from the Democrat & Chronicle, and Mark Foti, chair of the Monroe County Bar Association Criminal Justice Section and former public defender.

In our second hour: Kevin Hines is one of a small group of people to jump off the Golden Gate bridge and survive. Hines tried to commit suicide, fell 220 feet, plunged 80 feet underwater, and made it back to the surface. He is now an advocate for strong mental health and suicide prevention, and he'll be in Rochester on Tuesday. He's a guest of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. He joins us on Connections to tell his story of why he jumped, how he survived, and how he continues to thrive.